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The world of "Power Factor Correction", even if sometimes could seems easy, hides considerable problems and obstacles, for both the diversity and complexity of modern plants and the vastness of solutions which can be developed.

If thirty years ago in some cases it was enough a “simply compensation", today, with the rise of electronic systems and appliances which promote the production processes, but parallel introduce harmonic phenomena in the network, it’s absolutely necessary to analyze much more depth on the type of Power Factor Correction system to propose.

The main organ of a Power Factor Correction system, the Capacitor, is undoubtedly one of the most sensitive components of the electric scene; it’s therefore essential to base the construction of the Capacitor to an impeccable production cycle, reducing to "zero" any infiltration of air/humidity within the cylinder, but it is equally important to apply the Capacitor to a condition that allows him to be efficient.

TELEGROUP, was the first Company in Italy to marry entirely both the Three-Phase technology, abandoning the archaic Single-phase type, and the typology of Nitrogen Gas filled Capacitors, which currently represents the safest and most reliable isolation technology worldwide.

Similarly, for the reasons above and strong to be able to count on a top quality component, the company has increasingly paid attention to the pre-sale and selection guide, a feature that over the years has been successful, causing TELEGROUP is today recognized as a highly specialized Company in the design and implementation of Low-voltage Power Factor Correction systems.

The Customers that from years we have the pleasure and honor to serve, both national and internationally, well know how our approach to different situations is targeted, efficient and purely technical; through a team of professionals with over thirty years of experience in this field, we have the responsibility, the must, but especially the will not to leave anything to chance.

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