LV power factor correction

Solutions with Nitrogen Gas filled Capacitors

G Series

  • kVAr produced since 2003

    5.2 million

  • Standard warranty on Capacitors

    24 months

  • Capacitor faults

    0.00001 %

After more than 15 years from the first use, power factor correction systems equipped with three-phase Capacitors and Nitrogen Gas (N2) insulation still today represent the core business of TELEGROUP.
Products with nitrogen gas

The high quality and reliability of this technology have provided a decisive push for the creation of a whole range of products, from standard boards for small and medium users to large power modular systems for the energy-intensive industries.

Our capacitors can withstand the most severe work cycles (up to 30-35% of harmonic load in plants).

That said, more than 20-25% of harmonic content could trigger parallel resonance phenomena between the Plant and the Power Factor Correction System with consequent stresses beyond the regulatory levels in both voltage and current. In these conditions, it is essential to use a Filter Reactor (CEI EN 61642).