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Microprocessor PFC Controller


In an Automatic Power Factor Correction System, the PFC Controller is, along with Capacitors, the essential element for the management and control of all the components.

Designed with advanced features, they combine a modern design with practical and intuitive functionalities. Backlit LCD display with icons, alarm codes with scrolling texts, can be set in 6 languages (PCRL) and 10 languages (PCRJ).

Operation on 4 quadrants for cogeneration systems, drastic reduction in the number of switching, homogeneous use of equal power capacitor banks, reactive power measurement installed for each step, capacitor overcurrent protection, board over temperature protection by internal sensor, protection against micro breaks, wide range of available measurements, including voltage and current THD with analysis of the individual harmonics up to the 15th order.

Key features

  • Microprocessor control and management.
  • Intelligent auto adjustment.
  • Versions from 2 to 24 steps and up to 32 with Master-Slave function.
  • Versions with static outputs (PCRJ).
  • Use in cogeneration and medium voltage plants.
  • USB, RS485, RS232, Ethernet communication interfaces Modbus RTU, ASCII e TCP communication protocols PROFIBUS communication protocol by adding an appropriate expansion module.